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Editor in Chief
Greg Santos

Chief Executive Officer
Sherman Wong


Adrian Price – Business
Email: adrian.price@tribbleagency.com
Professional English-Russian translator/proofreader with technical background. I have over 7 years of experience. B.Sc. in Construction engineering. Native Russian speaker. Prompt and accurate results are guaranteed. I can translate/proofread any kinds of technical documents, general documents, web content and Android applications. My aim is to deliver high quality services always respecting deadlines. Grammar, punctuation and constant communication is an asset any client can count on.

Shelley Chandler – Culture
Email: shelley.chandler@tribbleagency.com
Incredible editors are similar to awesome film executives. In the event that their employment is done right, the work represents itself with no issue and the group of onlookers will never see the coordinating (or altering) essentially. You, the author, need that consistent quality from your editorial manager, alongside velocity and specialized flawlessness. As your editorial manager, I need to come back to you an improved articulation of your work: your thoughts, however cleaned and consummated in their presentation for most extreme reverberation with your gathering of people. I filled in as a duplicate editorial manager at an everyday daily paper, and figured out how to work extremely quickly with hawk eyes. I distributed scholarly research, and I can change your dialect into the fresh, formal and in fact intense style that you requirement for a companion-evaluated diary. As an instructor, I have helped several understudies develop their special voices. I read artistic work each day and can convey a profundity and point of view to your mission for better narrating.

Janice Sanchez – Technology
Email: j.sanchez@tribbleagency.com
Great editors are like great movie directors. If their job is done right, the work speaks for itself and the audience will never notice the directing (or editing) per se. You, the writer, want that seamless quality from your editor, along with speed and technical perfection. As your editor, I want to return to you an enhanced expression of your work: your ideas, but polished and perfected in their presentation for maximum resonance with your audience. I worked as a copy editor at a daily newspaper, and learned to work lightning-fast with eagle eyes. I published academic research, and I can transform your language into the crisp, formal and technically powerful style that you need for a peer-reviewed journal. As a teacher, I have helped hundreds of students cultivate their unique voices. I read literary work every day and can bring a depth and perspective to your quest for better story telling. Let me be your behind-the scenes perfectionist, so you can focus on what you want to say.

Edward Fernandez – Research
Email: ed.fernandez@tribbleagency.com
It is my hope that you will see that I am somebody who will give you an amazing work item, because I take extraordinary arrangement of pride in the work that I do. I am an alum of The University of Texas at Austin with a noteworthy in Spanish and a minor in Mathematics. I am bilingual in Spanish and English – talking, perusing and composing. My experience is principally in legitimate with some case and value-based work. In addition, I have broad online research and report-composing knowledge. I likewise have composed procedural manuals for some of my customers and I am knowledgeable with the obligations of authoritative bolster positions. Moreover, I have some exploratory writing background. Above all, I am to a great degree proactive with the obligations given to me and am willing to think outside about the case to make an awesome showing on the assignments given to me.

Levi Bridges – Sports
Email: levi.bridges@tribbleagency.com
Hello! Thank you for stopping by to review my profile! It is my hope that you will see that I am someone who will provide you a high-quality work product, because I take great deal of pride in the work that I do. I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a major in Spanish and a minor in Mathematics. I am bilingual in Spanish and English – speaking, reading and writing. My background is primarily in legal with some litigation and transactional work. Additionally, I have extensive online research and report-writing experience. I also have written procedural manuals for some of my clients and I am well versed with the responsibilities of administrative support positions. In addition, I have some creative writing experience. Most of all, I am extremely proactive with the duties given to me and am willing to think outside of the box in order to do a great job on the assignments given to me.

Janis Cole – World
Email: janis.cole@tribbleagency.com
I have 20 years of office organization experience and altering/editing. I am capable in Microsoft Office items, for example, Word, Excel, and Outlook. I have broad involvement in making spreadsheets and structures, overseeing databases, taking care of messages, overseeing schedules, writing letters and reports, editing and altering, anything office related. In the event that you require virtual office organization, I can complete it.

Milton Gomez – Health
Email: milton.gomez@tribbleagency.com
I have 20 years of office administration experience and editing/proofreading. I am proficient in Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. I have extensive experience in creating spreadsheets and forms, managing databases, handling emails, managing calendars, typing letters and reports, proofreading and editing, pretty much anything office related. If you need virtual office administration, I can get it done.

Traci Edwards – National
Email: traci.edwards@tribbleagency.com
My eleven years’ experience working in a restorative setting as an attendant, and also my involvement in Real Estate in the past and Life Insurance, will guarantee polished methodology and exactness while completing your undertaking on time. English as my first and final dialect, my editing and duplicate Editing instruction and tender loving care will give you superb results. I will furnish you with a revised report utilizing Microsoft Track Changes. The adjustments and changes will be anything but difficult to distinguish and you will have the capacity to choose whether you need to acknowledge them or not.