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Mantera develops strategies to create engaging content and digital experiences on social media. Today, brands need to say the right things at the right time to the right people. We help brands communicate what really matters in order to start building meaningful conversations.

Mantera will plan, develop content and design ads to ensure engagement and above all else - quality. Let us strengthen the relationship between your brand and your social audience.

Social Media

To succeed on social media, brands need to say the right things at the right time to the right people.

Quality Control

Mantera works with brands to help ensure quality. In doing so we engage with your fans, answer questions and respond to complaints to ensure customer trust.

We know how important it is to keep your followers up-to-date and we have measures in place to build and maintain them. Mantera will set the ‘tone of voice’ we believe you should harness and ensure that this remains consistent across all social platforms.


Feel free to call us at (661) 201-8790 and we will do our best to answer any questions.


Engaging with your audience on a regular basis not only improves brand loyalty, but more importantly increases the chance of turning prospects into customers. Engaging post, quality content and the time to manage everything requires both content development and a strategy.

Mantera drives daily social engagement by delivering messages that spark emotion and conversation. We engage with your followers and respond quickly to comments so your fans feel well taken care of.


Managing social media posts can be time consuming on a daily basis. Mantera will manage your accounts to ensure your content is posted at the right time every day. We know your audience and what times of the day they are on their devices tuning into the social landscape.

We schedule all posts in peak hours when your target audience is most likely to see them and engage them at those times.