Staying Fit Through the Holidays

Staying Fit Through the Holidays

With Thanksgiving over, many people will begin noticing the infamous “holiday weight” being gradually put on until the New Year when gym attendance will briefly skyrocket. Rather than allowing yourself to be caught up in the overindulging and often lethargic habits of the holidays, take the initiative to have your cake and eat it too. It is possible to enjoy all that celebrations have to offer without going overboard and losing any progress you have made this year towards your fitness and dieting goals.

1)      Take a relaxing walk after dinner – It is hard not to overeat on holidays, which are often solely centered around family feasts. Just when you think you could not eat another bite, the pies and decadent desserts are brought around for all to sample. Instead of heading for that comfortable pair of sweatpants and cozy spot on the couch for the rest of the day, take a nice walk around the neighborhood. Keep the pace consistent and relaxed so as not to induce stomach cramps. Allowing your body a chance to keep active and burn even a few calories will ease digestion.

2)      Keep active before the big day – Most are familiar with the saying “a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion.” One day of indulgences will not dramatically change anyone’s weight or health, but those who are consistently active will have an easier time shedding the excess calories.

3)      Get back on track fast – While allowing yourself one day away from your regular exercise routine or dieting program will not take away from the progress you have made, allowing one day to turn into a week or month can. Instead, jump right back in the next day even if you are not able to complete a full workout.

4)      Shop till you drop – If you need another excuse to take advantage of the many discounts available during the holidays, spending the day running from store to store is a good way to get your body moving.

5)      Share leftovers – The mounds of leftovers that last for days after Thanksgiving will do more damage than the big day itself. Having repeats of Thanksgiving with all the trimmings or even just the dessert portion can wreak havoc on your health and fitness. Instead, have disposable containers ready to send all guests home with some of the delicious leftovers, lessening the remaining portions.

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