Warm up Tips

Warm up Tips

Warming up before a workout can reduce risk of injury and improve performance. If you don’t do the warm up correctly, though, you could actually set yourself up for failure. Try these warm up tips to make your next workout awesome.

Take a Brisk Walk

A brisk walk will get your blood flowing, boost your heart rate, and prep your body for a more intense workout. It will also start to release endorphins that will come in handy when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are the ultimate warm up. Take it easy at first, but build speed after you do 10 or 20 jacks. Be sure you keep your shoulder blades back during the exercise. That will loosen up your neck and shoulders while helping you maintain good form.

When you want to really get your blood pumping, this is the warm up that will take you there fast.

Arm Swings

If you plan to do an upper body workout, then you need to loosen up your chest and arm muscles. Start by swinging one arm across your body to your opposite shoulder. Then switch to the other arm. After 20 reps swing both arms simultaneously.

This also makes an excellent cool down that will help prevent sore muscles.

Shoulder Rotations

Another must-do if you plan to work out your upper body. Hold your arms out so that they’re parallel to the floor. Move them clockwise in small circles for about 30 seconds, then reverse and go the other way.

Start to make the circles bigger and bigger until you can feel a deep stretch in your chest. If this tires your muscles, take a short break and shake out your arms before getting back to it.

No matter what warm up you choose, make sure you do the routine before every workout. And don’t think that being in great shape means you can skip the warm up. In many cases, the guy with the biggest muscles is the guy who needs the warm up most.

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