Ad Agency Enfatico uses Dell’s Money to buy Apples

This has to be the story of the century. Enfatico has been using Dell’s money to buy Apples. We had a leaked e-mail from our friends at Agency Spy (they got the initial lead, and have been working on overdrive trying to verify it.. and it has appeared to be verified.)

This is the leaked e-mail in full (we have removed the contact name):

Amidst the recent news* about Enfatico’s trouble getting off the ground, Dell resigning former ad agencies to pick up the slack, Mother’s pretty good new TV spots for Dell and Enfatico’s recent 10-year lease for 100,000 square feet in Manhattan, it seems like there’s been enough disappointing news for the new agency folks in Austin. But think again.

Multiple sources at Enfatico say that in preparation for Michael Dell’s recent visit to the agency, employees were under orders to get rid of their Macs– replacing them with Dell monitors, keyboards, etc. Did Dell Procurement forget to insert the equipment usage clause into their contract or did Enfatico misread the fine print?

We don’t even know where to start with this… The Advertising Agency Enfatico was created solely for Dell. If Michael Dell knew that his money was being used to buy Apples………

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