Average TV age now 50 – outside the 18-49 Demographic

It appears that it’s over. Well, we mean over the target demographic that is… Most of the time the TV Reps keep telling us that their products target the 18-49 Demographic… well now it doesn’t anymore.. it’s now men and women where their kids are not little kids anymore for the most part.. and also for the most part their buying spree years are behind them. What’s the problem? It’s online.. Google is now the target market in terms of purchasing ads via their adwords program or working to populate valid content on their blogs.. or posting videos on Youtube.. or hitting the Digg button on Digg… you get the picture. Hell of a time for this news to break during the start of a recession.

The broadcast networks have grown older than ever — if they were a person, they wouldn’t even be a part of TV’s target demo anymore.

According to a study released by Magna Global’s Steve Sternberg, the five broadcast nets’ average live median age (in other words, not including delayed DVR viewing) was 50 last season. That’s the oldest ever since Sternberg started analyzing median age more than a decade ago — and the first time the nets’ median age was outside of the vaunted 18-49 demo.
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oh… if you thought Newspapers are doing any better… the AP pretty much just stated that they are screwed as well…

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