BBDO launches Chicago White Sox Ad Campaign

03/26/2008, CHICAGO — The Chicago White Sox today unveiled the team’s advertising campaign for the 2008 season. The new campaign is built on the slogan “White Sox Baseball: Share The Passion. Show The Swagger.” and features creative spots that play off of fan interaction with team members, and embrace the distinct personalities of players.

Then for the guys at BBDO billing them for the campaign:

“By using signs as ‘dialogue’ in actual game photos and footage we have created a campaign that appeals to both the casual and hard-core fan,” said Jim Hyman, group creative director at Energy BBDO (Chicago), the Chicago White Sox advertising agency of record. “The casual fan will appreciate the humor in seeing players using signs to converse during a real game and the hard-core fans will appreciate the way each player’s personality is reflected in his fan interaction.”

The campaign’s out-of-home executions will begin running the week of April 7 (White Sox home opener) as CTA brand trains, bus ultra kings, bulletins and Metra station kings.

Wonder what the billable hours for this were?

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