Burger King Launches “Klingon” ad – no Klingons in Star Trek Movie

EDIT: We make no apologies for the headline, there are no Klingons in the star trek movie…. we just got back from it… the Burger King ad is bad.

We don’t really know what to say about this, the Klingon are not even part of the new Star Trek movie in any large extent yet Burger King and their Advertising Agency of record Crispin Porter + Bogusky feel that their role, however minor (limited to a gun battle or so), in the new movie deserves to have it’s own 30 second spot. We found this on Media Bistro / Agency Spy

Tribble Ad Agency was of course named after the Star Trek episode, Trouble with Tribbles so of course as die hard trekkies we sort of look at these things more… but all the well Klingons historically have been the bad guys…. so this appears to be more geared to the die hards like ourselves.

We received some reports that the movie does involve some kinds of battles and/or a war and that “Klingon soldiers” play a part in the film…. but that part is minor….

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