Content Marketing Goes Mainstream

Content Marketing Goes Mainstream

Content Marketing is Going Mainstream! Can you believe it? Now that the Washington Post and The New York Times are using content marketing tactics, you can be sure content marketing is here to stay.

So now that content marketing has gone mainstream, here’s what you need to know:

In the first part of this article you’ll see the real-life examples of big brand content marketing in major media publications. Then we’ll discuss what this means for your business, your marketing and what you can learn from mainstream content marketing.

Proof Content Marketing Is Mainstream:

Content Marketing Goes Mainstream

If you’re not convinced content marketing has gone mainstream then you need look no further than The Guardian. Particularly…

The Guardian is actually creating a new business unit called Guardian Labs, which will function as an in-house content marketing agency. The first Guardian Labs project is a partnership with Unilever that’s sure to set the bar high. But content marketing isn’t stopping there.

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are testing out native advertising solutions. While advertisers are still figuring out exactly how to measure results, this foray into sponsored content doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down. Even the Washington Post is trying out paid-for content. But you must be wondering…

What does all of this mainstream sponsored content marketing mean for you? Well it’s a good question. And there is one big and apparent lesson you can learn from this.

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Lessons from Mainstream Content Marketers:

Mainstream content marketers are moving mainstream, and they’re doing it properly. After all, these are highly professional news establishments, right? Think about it…

The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal all have very high editorial standards. They’re likely to do an effective job maintaining that editorial standard and putting the facts first. I’m sure there will be some tension at times between the goals of brands and the integrity of these news outlets. But for the most part I suspect brands will have to offer credible and unique value through their content.

And that should be the take home lesson for aspiring content marketers like you.

The main crux of content marketing is to ensure that you’re offering value. For example, content marketing is often educational, by helping potential customers make a more informed purchasing decision. When this type of content marketing is done right you’ll build a loyal audience who values your authority and will advocate for your expertise.

So don’t sell out! Provide real value. And you’ll join the mainstream content marketers on your way to sales success.

Avoid Mistakes in Content Marketing:

If you’re new to content marketing, and a little unsure about how to get started, there is an easy way to avoid mistakes. Not only should you improve your knowledge of content marketing tactics and strategies. But you can also ask for a little help.


Content marketing requires some investment of time and effort up front. While it works incredibly well and provides you with lasting value for your business and website, it’s worth doing right. At SEOcial we create content marketing campaigns all the time.

Author: Jeff Waite

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