Dollar Tree’s Advertising Agency files for bankruptcy

Tribble AgencyRBW (Rockett, Burkhead & Winslow Inc) advertising agency founded almost 25 years ago has filed for bankruptcy protection and laid off virtually everyone. As the recession drags on, they have seen “significant reduction in our clients’ marketing budgets for 2009,” said chief executive Grant O’Neal. Clients are also putting off longer-term projects. “There was not enough to keep us afloat,” O’Neal said.

In its filing, the Raleigh company lists about $1.6 million in assets and $7.3 million in liabilities. The company estimates that it has between 200 and 999 creditors.

It’s clients include BB&T, Dollar Tree, Lowes, and Old Dominion Freight Line, and complains that their ad spending hit the floor is what forced the bankruptcy.

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