Enfatico launches first Advertising Campaign for Dell – Litters streets

We can’t believe what we are seeing, it appears that Enfatico has launched their first ad campaign, and it ended with litter on the street and a hotel having to remove flyers illegally posted on their walls. This is what Dell get’s for their 4.5 billion given to wpp group plc?

dozens upon dozens of 36×48″ glossies with a ‘craptastic’ product photo and some bullshit about how Dell was going to save the world from AIDS

then the gem:

On the flip side of this, my “confident” tells me that he/she observed a late night drunk, pissing all over one of the posters. By 8.00AM the following morning, the W hotel had removed all the piss stained, offensive posters.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Dell exits this mess before the Enfatico countdown clock runs out in exactly 849 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 54 seconds.

Dell is still doing their ads though their existing vendors.
Dell filled up the shop using Dell’s money to buy Apples
Enfatico is signing 10 year leases for a now 2 1/2 year contract with Dell, their only client.
They are currently staffed at a fraction promised to Dell, now resorting to Monster.Com ads.

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