Enfatico signs 100,000 sq/ft Manhattan 10 year lease – has only a 3 year contract with Dell?

Tribble Agency – What about the other 7 years if Dell throws this into review? A 100,000 Sq/Ft office in Manhattan isn’t a cheap option… and the fact that they signed a 10 year lease (when everything we are reading shows a 3 year Dell contract) is something we hoped the landlord addressed. Perhaps WPP opted to pick up the tab if something goes wrong with their 100,000 Sq/Ft New York lease…

Marketing agency Enfatico has signed a 10-year lease for 98,175 square feet on the 12th floor of the MetLife Insurance Plaza, at 11 Madison Ave. in New York. (Full Story)

Everything we are reading is showing a 3 year deal:

Dell will invest $4.5 billion in billings in Da Vinci over the next three years. (Full Story)

So how does a single client ad agency sign a 10 year lease with a 3 year contract? Dell must be paying out the wazoo … 10 years worth of lease for 3 years of work… amazing stuff..

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