E*TRADE to unlease Grey New York Superbowl Ads

Bring out the popcorn – E*TRADE selected Grey New York as its advertising agency of record in November of 2007 this will be fun.

NEW YORK — E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced the Company will debut two thirty-second advertisements during Super Bowl XLII(R) — to air February 3 on FOX — a strategic investment that will gain the Company broad exposure to a captivated audience of financial services consumers. E*TRADE has augmented its 2008 marketing spend by 30 percent over 2007, as the Company believes that marketing and advertising are critical factors in reinforcing the strength of its consumer brand. With more than 90 million viewers expected to watch the game, the Company’s Super Bowl(R) advertisements are a significant component of its 2008 advertising campaign.

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It’s our opinion that Superbowl ads are… well… the “I can spend the most” contest for advertising. Very little research has gone into if an actual ROI occurs with the massive spending for the Superbowl.

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