Exclusive : SuperSpy is Back! — The Brief

SuperSpy is back!! The Original SuperSpy. One of the top A+ Bloggers out there… with oodles of leads. The Ad Agency Blog is located at http://www.gimmethebrief.com . It was a personal battle for her to get this up and running. Much thought went into the idea of her blogging again.

Her tenure at Media Bistro was not without controversy, with the death of Ad Executive Paul Tilley perhaps being one of the most controversial moments there.

She is known in the industry as one of the better sources of coverups, leaks and overall industry direction of Advertising. Recently at her position at Media Bistro, she built it into one of the more powerful outlets. In our opinion, Matt has been doing an excellent job continuing to build the Media Bistro AgencySpy Site (despite the technical problems with commenting there).

Her writing style is both funny and serious. We know she is a big fan of George Parker.. and does get along with virtually everyone in the adspace.

Break out the popcorn, this is going to be fun.

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