Google now targeting Organic Results for Geolocation

What happens if I wasn’t looking for my region? I have to go though this step each time? I want the same results everyone else has, not some custom “here’s for you” that might not actually fit what I am looking for.

To make it worse.. I am not even logged in…

Customized for Philadelphia metro area, US. More details

I don’t want my results customized for my location. I don’t just want a vendor that is simply nearby.. I want the lowest cost, best service vendor, contractor, etc etc. Customizing my results like this flies in the face of why the internet was created in the first place for commercial use. So I can find a better company exists online for my needs.

If you want to provide results like that… at least give me the option to have it added… not auto-add it and then force me to opt out each time a search for anything?

Screenshot of Results

Then here is their explanation :

Organic Results Explanation

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