Guest Posting Services on High Authority Sites √ DA 20 – 60+

Guest Posting Services on High Authority Sites √ DA 20 – 60+

Everyone nowadays are up to date in the world of blogging as well as guest posting. While trying to get that juicy Ad Sense from Google, there are a few things that you should consider. A lot of people often rank low even when they have a very well written guest posting content.

However, A well written content would go to waste without anyone reading it. This goes hand in hand with the exposure to your website.

We are here to professionally help you boost your content’s ranking as well as bring in more traffic. It must be very tiring to keep providing amazing content but losing to high ranking low quality article isn’t it. Well say no more!

Because Tribble Agency is a profesional SEO firm that is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been serving customers for years now.

As of today, Tribble Agency will be of service to anyone who needs our Content Placement and Guest Posting Services. But before that, we have a few things that you might be interested in.

So have a quick read ahead before you order one of our services.

Who are we?

Tribble Agency offers more than 50+ websites with various excellent Domain Authority (DA) as well as high traffic. Each and every one of these websites have been built with passion. And in time it’s gaining positive results from every customers we have. Each content is made with high quality, so that it can gain a lot of organic traffic from Google.

The price of our services are very affordable too. So customers would not have to be forced to spend a lot of money when they are looking for a guest posting or content placement service. These services are guaranteed will directly impact your SEO ratings on the internet.

Because our Guest Posting and Content Placement Services will provide high quality backlinks to your website as well as do follow links. This is perfect for any business that is in need of the spotlight as well as boost in traffic.

HQ Backlink

White Hat SEO

100% done manually on high traffic real sites.

Premium Content

Content Marketing

Content is made of high quality, informative, educative and influential.

Professional Services

Expert Team

The work will be carried out by an experienced, enthusiastic and highly dedicated team.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlimited Revision

We guarantee that every content placement service is made to satisfy you.

Affordable Packages

Our package is very affordable for the same service provided by other competitors. We highly recommend to try it for any first timers.

Basic Package

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Price: $100

Our basic package is very affordable, yet still provide you with an excellent juice links.

What will you get?

  • 1 Guest Poting/Content Placement
  • 10 Backlinks with do follow links straight to your website
  • All niche included, including gambling, bitcoin, etc.

Uses standard internal links to increase your website’s SEO juice link.
Content posted on DA 20-30+ websites.

Business Package


Price: $300

Looking for an upgrade? Our Business Package provide the best service to market your content. These are HQ backlinks with high quality results.

What will you get?

  • 5 Guest Poting/Content Placement
  • 30 Total backlinks with do follow links straight to your website
  • All niche included, including gambling, bitcoin, etc.

All these premium links will boost your website’s juice link SEO and traffic. Content posted on DA 20-40+ websites

Ultimate Package

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Price: $500

WIth this ultimate package, we will arrange for you a fantastic SEO backlink strategies. These will include a lot of services such as management, follow ups, and so much more. And regarding the strategi itself, we will use a content pyramid to effectively boost your website.

What will you get?

  • 10 Guest Posting/Content Placement
  • 50 Total backlinks with do follow links straight to your website
  • All niche included, including gambling, bitcoin, etc.

Content posted on DA 20-50+ websites. Every juice links from us will boost your website and traffic.

Premium Viral Package

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Price: $1000

Our Premium Viral package will give you an amazing SEO backlink. These will include a lot of services such as management, follow ups, and so much more. We will use a content pyramid to effectively boost your website.

What will you get?

  • 20 Guest Posting/Content Placement
  • 100 Total backlinks with do follow links straight to your website
  • All niche included, including gambling, bitcoin, etc.

Content posted on DA 20-60+ websites. All these premium links will boost your website’s SEO and traffic significantly.

Tier 1 backlinks from Web 2.0 blog post, premium social bookmark, Edu and Gov profile backlink. Also includes High Authority Profile backlink and article directory.

Tier 2 backlinks comes with the format of “pyramid strategy”. This link will include Wiki articles backlink, Forume profiles, Web Profile, and Social Bookmark backlinks.


Real sites that have high traffic are the type of backlink that has the most influence on SEO. As well as having an impact on rankings, this strategy has a real impact on reaching out to a valuable audience.

What are the benefits from ordering our Guest Posting services?

People only buy what they think is useful. There are a lot of benefits from our services, ranging from an increase in traffic, value, quality, authority, and so much more. And we will truly fulfill that promise in making your website’s sky rocket.

Quick Preview of Our Services

Place Your Order


Contact us, give us your URL, content topic and anchor text. Only that. Our team will review the order, confirm it, and begin the research process and create content.



After the article is written, usually at least 1000 words, we will contact you and confirm if there is anything that needs revision. If everything is ok, you will immediately publish the article and place a link that points to your site.



After the article in publication we contact you again and provide a report in the form of a link that proves your backlink is online!

As an official SEO marketing firm that is based in Jakarta. We have a lot of experience and speciality in optimizing websites as well as pushing the ranks of our clients. Hence your website which started from the 10th page can be pushed up to the 1st page when a certain keywords is being browsed.

One of the most important factors in this process are high quality backlink building.

The secret behind our work is that we are dedicated into putting the effort to our client’s orders. We incorporate strategies as well as plenty of resources to do so. Our content placement services also include optimizing that will cost money monthly. But as for content placement, it is a one time payment deal. The links that we provide to you will last for many lifetimes, so do not worry about it disappearing.

High Quality Content With Built-in Templates

guest posting service

Our content is not just a plain and boring blog post. We put the effort into designing these websites.

Hence we also use a lot of templates and plug-ins. Some of which are such as Schematics and other kinds of editors.

This is done so the content that leads to your website will be exciting and astonishing. Without a doubt these content will attract additional traffic to your website.

Real Websites With Thousands of Traffic


Looking for more traffic? TribbleAgency can help you with that. Our SEO services are optimized at a daily basis. This means that we thoroughly check every single website for its quality.

Each content is made with dedication as well as hardwork from our development team. And as a result, we are able to gain a lot of organic traffic.

So if you are still wondering about the backlinks we provide, there is no need to wait any longer. Our real websites gain up to 50,000 organic traffic each month. And that is only from one website. There are more websites in which those traffic comes from. From this alone you can already draw the line between a high quality backlink and a low quality backlink.

Traffic is a direct reflection on how good a service can be. Some other services may provide you a domain with high DA. But the truth is, there is no use of paying much money without gaining any traffic. Here are some examples of our website’s performance each month:

Contextual Backlinks

These contextual backlink are just some of the benefits that you can get. The two major things we promise to provide is a high quality backlink as well as a high quality content that is created specifically for the needs of your website.

Your website will be connected to classified niche that is related to your website. As well as anchor text and a naked link straight to the websites of our client.

How we do it is no longer a secret. Dedication as well as experience has proven that our website is able to get more than 50,000 traffic each month. Keep in mind that your website needs to be well in terms of on page SEO. Do not forget that a high quality content is key to make your website top rank in the Google Search Engine.

FAQs on Guest Posting Services

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What is Guest Posting services?

Guest posting is an activity in which a content is being placed on a blog or a website. This content is made with the niche of the target website that you want.

Content will also include a high quality writing, use of language, branding, as well as semi promotional purposes. Hence this website will be placed on a website with high traffic. Readers will read the traffic and directly be brought to the target website.

Why choose Guest Posting Service From Us?

Guest Posting and Content Placement services are not new in the world of digital marketing. There are many similar services out there. And why do you need to choose us?

We are not saying that we are the best content placement service provider in the world. But we can assure you that the employees at the Tribble Agency comprise a team passionate about this area of work. We are seriously proud of our quality.

Will your services increase My SEO Ranking?

Yes. Our services are also beneficial for your website’s SEO ranking. With content placement you will be gaining high quality backlink. Just imagine ranking on the first page of Google. And every single time someone tries to look for a certain keyword, your website will be the first thing that everyone sees.

What can I get from using your services?

We have explained this briefly to you on what the main benefits are. This depends on what your plan is. Whether you want more traffic, more sales, or even more authority.

We will get this all for you. This is because our content will aim to promote as well as bring high quality customers to your website.

What topics are accepted?

We accept almost all niches for guest posting and content placement services. However, we respect the laws that apply to each region and we strictly reject niches that violate the laws of the respective territories.

For example, Indonesian jurisdiction ban gambling. So we do not accept Indonesian language content placements for gambling topics. Because legally all forms of gambling in this country are prohibited by law.

However, we will accept content placement on English-language for gambling topics, for target areas where the industry is legal.

How to order our services?

Feel free to contact us up using the link down below. You can get a free consultation through our Customer Service Whatsapp contact:

+62 812-1391-8679