Hey Advertising Agency : The Wall Street Journal Publishes Advertorials

A nasty growing publishing trend is to make ads not look like ads, or presell the ads value on the trusted content site.  What could one expect?  When you deal with ink, a reader base that is getting older to the point of not being able to see the mice type “this is an Advertorial”  it’s the only way they can make money.

 Here is their ’special ad section for paid for news’ then it get’s even better.

They got this garbage on the bottom of the Wall Street Journal page:

The Wall Street Journal’s newsroom was not involved in the creation or
production of this special advertising section.

Really? Then why does it look like normal news?  It’s hosted on the Wall Street Journal Site,  it looks like the Wall Street Journal, so why do I have to scroll now to the bottom of each page to see if I am reading an ad or if I am reading a real story?
Threadwatch has a discussion on it.   The entire concept of ’selling news for hire’ is unsettling.

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