How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

If you’re wondering “How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome?” Well, then you’ve come to the right website. That’s because once you read this blog post about how to block pop ups on Google Chrome you’ll be set for an ad-free internet browsing experience.

So what’s the best way to block pop ups on Google Chrome?

How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome with Extensions:

How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

There are a couple of great extensions in the Google Chrome Webstore that allow you to block pop up ads on Google Chrome. I prefer to block pop ups using extensions already existing in the Google Chrome Webstore rather than a third-party application, plug-in or add-on.

Not only do Webstore Extensions have to get approved by Google, but they are also easy to use and install in Chrome, so you can start blocking pop ups immediately.

One common pop up blocker is “Better Pop Up Blocker.” Better Pop Up Blocker expands on the built-in Google Chrome pop up blocker by blocking javascript, alert and prompt boxes the default Google Chrome pop up blocker forget about.

Better Pop Up Blocker is a very light extension that has a lot of positive reviews. But I think there is an even better way to block pop ads on Google Chrome.

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How to Block All Ads on Google Chrome:

What’s better than blocking all pop up ads on Google Chrome? What about if you could learn how to block ALL ads on Google Chrome. Well, we don’t have to go far to make the dream of an ad-free internet come true. That’s because…

There is another Google Chrome Webstore Extension that goes above and beyond the Better Pop Up Blocker. Presenting: Ad Blocker Plus Google Chrome Extension. Go ahead and install it right now. You won’t regret it. I have been using Ad Blocker Plus in Google Chrome for a few weeks now – and browsing the internet has never felt so good!

Do you want to know why?

Not only does Ad Blocker Plus eliminate all pop ups when you’re browsing in Google Chrome, but it blocks all kinds of other ads too. I have gotten used to seeing advertisements on YouTube videos, commercials on news sites and banner ads on my favourite blogs. But with Ad Blocker Plus I don’t have to worry about any of that. Ad Blocker Plus blocks all pop ups on Google Chrome, and everything else!

And by the way, I don’t usually endorse an internet application or extension this fervently. But with Ad Blocker Plus I can barely contain my excitement. Use Ad Blocker Plus today and see for yourself how easy it is to block pop ups (and everything else) on Google Chrome.

Note: Ad Blocker Plus is also available for Mozille Firefox users. Banish those pop ups on each of your internet browsers (not just Google Chrome!) with Ad Blocker Plus!

What are your favourite Google Chrome extensions and pop up blockers? Let me know your favourite browser hacks, add-ons and extensions in the comments below.

Author: Jeff Waite

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