How to Digg – I mean really Digg

I figured I would let people know the key to getting a site Dugg in Digg.

I love Digg,  in fact I would say out off all the so called ‘web 2.0′ websites out there, Digg is one of the best.
It’s not innovative,  in fact Digg is pretty standard, very similar to a forum concept where people can post comments and vote for an article they like or dislike.

I had the pleasure of digging an article I wrote a few days ago, and the level of traffic to the site literally crashed it for several hours, but it was a bit of a social experiment in the Political Opinion Room regarding this thread on Sqlspace.

If you look past the mutliple posts, you will noticed this Digger let out his thoughts on it.

It made the front page because it was dugg by conservatives due to the xenophobic distrust of foreigners implicit in the headline, and by liberals due to the implied suggestion that the Iraq War had become such a drain to our military that we need to resort to measures like this. In short, it was dugg due to ignorance that pandered to serveral groups.

Full Story

I have to admit, the Digger Freff figured out how the test works.

You will never really get to the main page of Digg by using an article that doesn’t fall into the ‘link bait’ area.

Your headline and your post are what makes or breaks the digg, as well as the topic.  You have to post something that can be read diffrently by someone with a differing background.

As my test proved,  if the article doesn’t prove your ideals, it’s not going to go anywhere.  If your article does prove something that could be useful to push your belief then it will.

The concept is to make a post that has bits and pieces of what could be used to help both sides of the conflict.  In this case conservatives vs liberals.

If your headline and your description gives ammo to both sides for a controversial topic (controversial means 50% agree and 50% disagree ) then you have a good chance at getting a topic popular at Digg.

So I don’t know if you would agree or disagree with me, but I do really feel that I am right about this.   The key is to provide ammo to everyone to pick apart or promote parts of your story to make things work right.

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