Mark Shuttleworth deserves to be Time Magazine Man of the Year

On the heels of Dell Selling Ubuntu Machines today we should all realize that out of every single threat that Microsoft has faced in the past, now is perhaps the most threatening to them.

The four major problems for Microsoft are Google, Ubuntu, Firefox and Open Office.
Google for virtually denying Microsoft an significant Entry to the Internet
Firefox for providing a very innovative browser that made IE look primitive by comparison.
Open Office for saving companies boatloads of money in licensing fees
and last by not least, Mark Shuttleworth the CEO of Ubuntu, the first person to successfully challenge Microsoft’s dominance on the desktop.
The point we are trying to make is that the 4 companies / projects listed above have actually made a difference for many firms and individuals.

Currently I am typing this from an Ubuntu Box, Running Firefox, and I have been using Open Office all day.

The point that is trying to be proven is that for once Linux has proven to be user friendly enough that end users, the non-techie types, can be proprietary software free. No amount of Advertising Agency spending could change a shift in the marketplace.

Are we saying Microsoft is dead? The answer is a flat no. It’s not dead but as the evolution of any company in history as proven there is a growth spurt, followed by a flat top and then generally declines over time.

Microsoft’s flat top is over.

We feel that the actual start of the Microsoft Decline could be noted today, as Dell is now offering a Linux OS as standard for several models of a standard X86 platform.  This is a historical day.

For decades people could of bought a Mac and had nifty features, but this isn’t a Mac, it’s an AMD or Intel Processor that uses the same hardware as what traditionally is on a Microsoft Platform.  It’s not just a computer, it’s the same type of  computer that would of been running XP or Vista.

Hence why there should be some sort of acknowledgment that today is a historical day.   It’s Mark Shuttleworth’s day, May 24th, 2007.

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