VIDEO : Modern Warfare 2 murdering hundreds in Airport

The shit has hit the fan regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 . Evidently this has been pulled down from Youtube multiple times by Activision , however LiveLeak is hosting it. You play a CIA agent posing as a terrorist, literally mowing down hundreds of civilians in an airport. This is graphic, I repeat really graphic and I do no suggest children watching this.

The video has caused a complete PR disaster for Activision, people are calling for the game to be removed from shelves. Which most likely will increase sales. However in the opinion of this writer, this game has gone way too far. I am not saying it should be removed from the shelves, but I do feel that Activision has gone too far with this. Scenes like this should never be included in a video game.

This is the video: (EDIT: This item has been removed due to a copyright violation! is posted on Liveleak)

Shocking to say the least, and nothing less than murder. Yea it’s a video game, but common people this is madness.

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