New Plan for TBWA \ Chiat \ Day – Greenwashing Apple Computers

Sometimes stories like this are just comical. Jake on B|Net found this gem regarding how TBWA \ Chiat \ Day has been greenwashing Apple Computers, the title of the article “Apple Computers: Fun for You, Toxic for the Environment” says it all. The Article accuses Apple of simply doing the minimum in terms of complying with environmental laws… not exactly “green” .

To date, Apple has done only what is legally required. They are in compliance with RoHS standards (”the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”), which were put in place in the European Union in July 2006. Pressure from environmental groups like the Computer Take Back Campaign combined with changing legal standards forced Apple to come up with a recycling program that at least looked like it was green — but that’s about it.

Apple claims that they are “not making green” part of their advertising plan, however they stumble when this Apple URL was presented to them :

It appears Steve Jobs got a “have your cake and eat it too free pass” and what we find even more outrageous is that is that TBWA \ Chiat \ Day got the mega free pass on this as well…

amazing stuff.

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