Perhaps Ad Agencies should be looking at Monster.Com

Generally one should look at the direction the market is heading.  One of the ways to watch that is via who is hiring for what on Monster.Com

As you can see, Search Engine Optimization is seriously in demand,  but doesn’t NetZero, Amazon, Ticketmaster, Apple, Walgreens, JPMorgan Chase and the other 700 or so large firms listed have Ad Agencies?  So these companies are bypassing their Ad Agency to go directly to the job pool to fix their site?  The problem is there are at most 10 or so true SEO experts out there.  So that means 690 of those positions cannot be filled, to make matters even uglier the 10 or so that are experts pretty much own their own agencies.

Did Ad Agencies Miss the boat?  Are they missing out on billable hours?  Are they missing out on helping their clients branding and increasing their ROI?

Please understand we are not slamming ad agencies,  we are just saying that this should fall under their belt.

The second an SEO comes into the picture they will override any creative that the Ad Agency has on the site to replace it with their ideas, the alternative of course is to have the Ad Agency outsource this to an SEO firm and work with them as a contractor.  This shows the Agency to be on the ball rather than embarassed that their all flash site they just built last week is a waste of resources and to be forced to tear it down and replace it with an SEO’ed site.

It’s embarassing to the Agency and web developer and it’s embarassing to the company.  Doing things prior to this mess would save everyone a headache.

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