Responsibility launches Adwords Campaign to target Agency Spy

We are shamed that we caught the ad running on Tribble Ad Agency because we strongly disagree with the stance taken by the The Responsibility Project. We are taking steps shortly to remove their ad from our site.

You can click on the image to take you to the image page — click again on that page to enlarge.

It’s not right at all to blame a news outlet for reporting stories. It’s wrong to extreme levels and it violates our first amendment right to report news and opinions. The Media is an establishment that needs to exist.

Agency Spy reports on the Advertising Agency Business…. Why doesn’t Responsibility Project run AdWords campaigns railing against all media outlets that report any negative story?

This is the story they are running and paying to promote via Google Adwords.

It’s wrong to blame a news outlet for what happens by reporting the news… it sets a bad precedent .. next time something happens that deserves to be reporting, we will have all the news outlets sweep it under a rug. From now on only happy news is allowed to be reported.

The suicide of Paul Tilley was horrible to extreme levels, but because he killed himself it now means that it’s now a ‘bad thing’ to report on any questionable management style?

We are not allowed to discuss any (in our opinion) poor preforming CEO or upper management executive because one individual killed himself?

Last thing, it’s questionable that the blog posting had anything to do with it, as we had some articles that were pulled from news sources that stated a far differing reason than a blog post from Agency Spy.

Amazing to run an Adwords campaign with the sole purpose of slamming an Advertising Agency news outlet. Yes it’s their first amendment right to voice their opinion, but it’s ours to say their opinion is wrong.


Edit: We just caught wind from the Ad Week Blog that Liberty Mutual owns the


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