Something is going on….

I don’t know how else to say it… but something is going on.

A few weeks ago,  I didn’t want to upgrade to Vista,  I was sick of XP filled with spywear garbage so I upgraded to Ubuntu mostly out of neccessity,  my machine would of never ran Vista as it’s just a Celeron with 256 of ram.  Vista’s asking price plus the cost to upgrade the machine would not be a viable option.

Uninstalled XP,  Installed Ubuntu… and volia … the freaking thing went 10x faster than before… no serious problems … openoffice worked like a charm.. wifi card worked… could go though the microsoft Windows network, no problem.

Been using it for a few weeks and my fairly computer illiterate mom visits my house and asks if she could check her e-mail.. I was typing on my other windows machine,  my wife had her laptop at work… leaving just the Ubuntu Machine open for her use.

I gave her the laptop… totally forgetting about Linux on it.. and I hear from the other room ‘What’s the Username?”  and “What’s the password”  I shouted them over to her..

About a minute later.. I hear “Is Firefox like Internet Explorer?”   I shout back yes… still forgetting it’s linux… thinking to myself “what the hell is she doing poking around on my computer”

I walk over to her and see her checking her web mail… has another tab open going to her MLS listings (she is a realtor) and another tab open searching for stuff on Google.

then it hit me… my Mom was using Linux and didn’t even notice.

When I am saying Something is going on… something is going on…  3 years ago Linux wasn’t this easy to use….

Microsoft already lost the Internet…  I have a sinking feeling that they are about to lose the desktop as well.

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