Talk about Success – Ad Agencies should understand the power of Internet Marketing

Reading this recent blog post regarding success at Yooter InterActive Marketing’s Social Media Optimization department it shows what we would consider the current pinnacle of Internet Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization.

Massive amounts of traffic like what was described in that release, coupled with the number of bloggers that read the story and discussed it via their blogs leads to dramatic increases not only in direct traffic, but backlinks towards the websites.

In short their clients have achieved an extreme ROI in terms of Awareness and overall Search Engine rankings when Google, Yahoo and MSN spider those blogs and start counting the backlinks towards their clients.

This is marketing 2.0 people.  This comes on the heels of a dramatic downturn in print media.   I would suggest that the typical Advertising Agency, and Marketing Agency get on this bus asap.

Tribble Agency is a digital marketing company that specializes in backlink services services to help increase authority with link building methods that have a direct impact on directing potential visitors.