The New York Post calls Agency Spy the ‘blog of death’ regarding Paul Tilley

In perhaps the most stunning example of Yellow Journalism, the New York Post calls Agency Spy the “blog of death”

We are sorry regarding the tragic death of Paul Tilley .. his children now face a future without him.

However that being stated, if Agency Spy and George Parker kill themselves over this.. should Gawker and The New York Post be the ones to blame? Evidently they reported a story on the bloggers.

These people are reporters doing their job, as we stated before, DDB has refused to comment if Paul Tilley was fired on Friday….

The Sun Times reported that Paul Tilley’s girlfriend was on the scene (something they later removed from their site WITHOUT a retraction)… not his wife. However Google did catch the page.

Paul Tilley Girlfriend

The point is people, there were other issues at work… you can’t assign blame to a random blogger… We read nasty stuff about us every day… killing ourselves was not ever considered.

We will never know what killed Paul Tilley … what we do know is that assigning blame to a blogger for reporting a story is a cop out… it’s not the truth.. it’s a made up excuse for something far bigger than anyone will ever know, as the source is no longer with us. However if people won’t accept this, and blame is to be assigned, we feel that people that have questions should get DDB to answer definitively if he was fired on Friday.

EDIT: We just got word that DDB has denied that he was fired.

Rick Carpenter, the CEO of DDB Chicago, said Tilley’s job was secure and he seemed happy after a big client presentation went well on Wednesday.

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