The Power 150 from Advertising Age

This isn’t a bitch fest, but more of a huh?

From time to time, Advertising Age lists the power 150 in their marketing blog. Out of the 150 there…. nearly 50% of those power 150 sites link to the Tribble Advertising Agency either on the blog roll, or as the source of at least one of their articles.

We know we are the pariah of the Advertising World… Here we sit on Page one in Google for Advertising Agency and Ad Agency making fun of them for a living. That being stated we enjoy their list!! we just feel we should be on it as well.

But for some examples:

Steve Hall’s Adrants did a full story on us.

George Parker’s Ad Scam has us on every page on the blog roll

Agency Spy uses us as a source regularly

Gawker has no problem linking to us

Madison Avenue loves Tribble

Ad Week / Ad Freak uses us as a source

The point is this list could go on forever… roughly half of the power 150 have used Tribble Agency as a source at least once, however Advertising Age has refused to list us as a power 150 source…

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