The Power of Authentic Online Marketing

The Power of Authentic Online Marketing

Internet Marketing doesn’t always make you think of authenticity. In fact, it might be reminiscent of just the opposite. After all, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of people pushing spammy products online, right?

But let me ask you something:

When you think about it, does it really make sense to sacrifice a long term customer relationship for a once-off sale? Because just as the internet allows you to scale scammy sounding email marketing offers, it also allows you to build thousands of authentic relationships on autopilot.

Let that sink in. Because…

Instead of being a modern-day snake oil salesperson, now you can start building profitable and authentic relationships with your online marketing. And do you know what that means?

It means more money per transaction, customers who refer you, and prospects who don’t care about price. Put another way: If you could cultivate an army of loyal followers eager to pay you whatever you ask… why wouldn’t you? (I certainly can’t think of a reason).

And that’s why here at SEOcial, we’re such active advocates of authentic online marketing. So if you’re still not convinced being authentic matters for you…

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Three Reasons Authentic Online Marketing Matters for Your Business:

The Power of Authentic Online Marketing

(1) Authentic Marketing is a Rallying Cry for Your Customers:

First of all, let’s get clear: Authentic marketing is based on really wanting to help your customers. That means authentic marketers genuinely care about their customers, prospects and leads. You want to share your authentic passion.

Authentic marketing is about sharing your corporate vision and communicating your mission statement. Your authentic marketing message should be centered around why you went into business in the first place. It’s about starting with why (link).

And here’s the thing:

When you communicate in an authentic manner and lead with a giving hand, you build goodwill among your audience. You create camaraderie and trust. This kind of relationship allows you to position yourself as a premium solution (with profit margins to match).

(2) Authentic Marketing Means Better Educated Customers:

I don’t mean to sound crass, but dumb customers are bad customers. If your customers aren’t educated about the value you provide them then they are always going to feel ripped-off and cut short.

On the other hand, authentic marketing helps your customers understand you unique advantage. And when they appreciate this distinction price becomes a secondary factor. You become a hero in the mind of your customer because they trust you when you answer their questions and cure their pain.

Not only does this lead to evangelical fans. But it also continues to build goodwill and help catalyze change in your industry. When you educate your customers with an authentic marketing message you help them make more informed and intelligent buying decisions. Plus, they’re likely to tell their friends.

(3) Authentic Marketing Leads to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

If you are an authentic marketer, then you’re building an authentic connection with your customers. Do you know what that really means for you bottom line?

It means your customers don’t just see you as another vendor in a crowded marketplace. Instead, you take the role of trusted advisor and expert authority on the subject at hand. And the implications of this are huge.

When you use an authentic marketing message to position yourself as an authority, you are no longer viewed as just another commodity. And that means you can start selling on value, and stop competing on price. For a lot of growing business, this is an incredible turning point.

And there’s nothing that catalyzes it like authentic marketing.

So if you’re facing struggling to make sales and thinking about improving your marketing messages, remember to be authentic. Spammy once-off approaches or confusing corporate doublespeak are the path to a low margin business. To truly be sustainable and successful in the world of online marketing your message needs to be authentic.

In Conclusion:

If you’re having trouble thinking about how to make your marketing messages more authentic, just think back to why you started your business in the first place. Chances are you were frustrated, and knew there was a better way to achieve your goals. Start with why and work outwards. It’s easier than you think.

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