The Register : cuil has failed

We love the Brits, only they could come up with this line “Quantum porn engine foiled by strawberries and muffins”

But what amazed her most was the way Tom Costello and the Cuil kids spent their $33 million in venture capital. “Lunch is ordered in every single day,” she writes. “Huge fridges burst with snacks and drinks. Bowls of strawberries and muffins lie around the rest area.

“The company pays for a personal trainer and gym membership for everyone. A doctor calls round each Friday, after the weekly barbeque, to see if everyone’s in good health. Employees drift in an out at times that suit themselves.”

In an attempt to earn her keep as Strategist to the CEO, she warned her college classmate that he was heading down the road to ruin. But he explained that in the Valley, that path is unavoidable.

“When I observed this [strawberry and muffin] behaviour first I was appalled and took my CEO friend aside,” Carey says. “This was disastrous! His company would never succeed if he wasted money like this and didn’t crack the whip. He laughed. This is the way it works out here. You have to be nice to people.”

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So they are spending massive amounts of money, to the tune of $33 million in venture capital blown on that search engine that is now called “cuil”

They got press way too early, and most were greeted with garbage results. Next time they should spend money on developers… and not with strawberries and muffins.

When your developers build a real product, and your marketing team generates real traffic, and your sales team generates real sales… then reward them with all the strawberries and muffins you want… because they earned it… you earned it…

What you did was spend everything before your product was completed. I’ll be looking for the domain name on the expired list in a few years.

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