The Witch Doctor / Hunter cures Sarah Palin – Video

Can someone please explain to us what is going on here from 7:15 to 9:47 ? it appears to be a Witch Doctor or better said Witch Hunter curing Sarah Palin… however we need some higher authority than us to explain it.

We are highly confused at this.. how it was released.. and what actually this is. If Obama’s Ad Agencies (SS&K or GMMB) released this (or leaked it).. please inform us.

We stress you want to start off about 7:15 or so to save time, but feel free to watch the entire 10 minutes of it if you have the time.

If the video is pulled down let us know… we have a copy of it… we also are unfamilar with what would be the proper terminology (hunter/doctor/whatever) for this.. as we have never seen anything like this before.
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