Threadwatch – to shut down – notes Digg as a reason

Threadwatch is shutting down, and owner, Aaron Wall cited Digg as one of the reasons.

This story was initially submitted directly to Digg,  however like most stories it got buried, and that is a shame.

The site boasted some key members, such as head engineer Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik from Google. It was a magnet for all the internet marketing firms. In essence anyone that was anyone for the Internet Marketing space was a member of the site.

I myself moderated the website under the user name ‘The Founder’ as well as a few others, such as Graywolf , JasonD and several others in the industry.

How is Digg part of this?

The Digg Homepage
Automated community driven news sites further lessened the need for and value proposition of this site.

That is a direct quote from Aaron.

This is a shame, a real shame. We know that things change in life. Websites are born, grow, then die. But Threadwatch is one of the old timers. The sites that have been stable and people have counted on for years.

We will miss Threadwatch.

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