Tribble Ad Agency challenges Statcounter regarding Cuil

According to the Statcounter website, a highly popular web analytical firm has announced that on Tuesday, Cuil has accounted for 1 out of every 1000 searches online. We at Tribble ad agency are not going to dispute those facts.

We would like however for Statcounter to re-evaluate those figures in a week and publish those results. We would be highly skeptical if they maintained that level of traffic, considering most of us were seeing highly irrelevant results or no results at all

It’s our belief that most of that traffic was due to the PR campaign and that the results do not justify that level of traffic.

We may not speak on the authority of 25 million page views globally, but as professional marketers we are highly skeptical on Cuil’s ability of maintaining that traffic level.

Most of the reports regarding Cuil were of a buggy platform that wasn’t able to deliver relevant results.

So Statcounter, we highly suggest a follow up report to prove us wrong, we suspect we won’t be.

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