Verizon to Announce White iPhone 4 tomorrow

We broke the story in October / November that Verizon will be exclusive with the White iPhone 4.

Well tomorrow is the big day. We had a semi-confirmation back at the end of November as well. Our sources have stated that Verizon will be making the full White iPhone 4 announcement, and as we stated earlier, the White iPhone will only be on the Verizon network. Also as what we noted before, it will be going for $199 with a 2 year contract.

iphone4 white

The story is developing. However watch for the announcement tomorrow and finally everyone will be able to buy a White iPhone 4, but remember, it’s only going to be on the Verizon network.

Don’t you just love Apple?

The issue many individuals have is that they endured AT&T’s terrible network only to be rewarded by Apple the lack of a White iPhone.

Verizon however did score big, as many women will be defecting to Verizon the moment they can, (market research points out that nearly 85% of the White iPhone’s are sold to Women as most men prefer the black model).

Enjoy the new reality.

For us stuck on the AT&T network, your White iPhone won’t be showing up tomorrow on AT&T.

Sourceh: ILAB

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