W+K launches new SEO Division – starts by keyword stuffing client names in metas

We had to start laughing, we caught wind of W+K entering into the SEO business, so of course we had to jump into the fray and see how their efforts are holding up.

As it stands now the W+K ( Wieden & Kennedy ) website is virtually all flash and virtually unspiderable.

The site fails to rank for it’s industry terms such as Advertising Agency (Google Search) or Ad Agency (Google Search)

It appears that W+K is spamming like GSD&M, filling their metas with client names rather than with services they offer. The only reason for putting client names in the metas would be to rank for those terms.

Any SEO worth his salt would know that you want to rank for the services you do offer, not spam for your clients names

Speaking about the services they offer, it appears they can’t even spell that properly. For heaven’s sake, commercicals is spelled commercials.

description = “Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, creatively led advertising agency that exists to create strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers.
keywords = advertising, Wieden, Kennedy, wk, nike, espn, coke, ea, honda, target, nokia, branding, commercicals, broadcast, media, planning

See the screen shot of their source code.

wk s
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