Women begging someone to buy her Vista Machine

We just got this e-mail from a friend of ours. Pretty interesting, it’s exactly why Linux and Apple should be gaining market share. The problem is we feel that her mindset is not the oddball of the group, but rather the norm.

It’s a marketing problem, it’s an OS problem, and it’s more so a PR problem. Microsoft’s new Advertising Agency Crispin Portner + Bogusky will be facing this as their adversary. A women that just doesn’t want to relearn a new ‘clunky interface’.

Before you go about saying ‘why doesn’t just just use her XP license from her old machine or buy a new XP license?’ .. the average user doesn’t exactly understand Microsoft Licensing.. they use whatever is installed on their box.. you are not looking at it from their point of view.

These are the people that use IE 6.0 because it’s what was on their machine when they bought it.

Hi Everybody…

Well, I bought this beautiful new (white) HP Pavillion 15.4 widescreen Entertainment Laptop in December (did not open the box til mid january) and I am looking to sell it. There is nothing wrong with the pc, rather the owner. It is packed with all kinds of bells and whistles that may excite the nerdie computer whiz but I am just not that individual. It has taken me light years to learn what I currently know and I just don’t appreciate the new Vistas operating system. I hear it’s great from others but I am just not comfortable with it. The computer has been barely touched. I do not have files saved on it, etc. I’ll even throw in my “vista for dummies” book and dvd. It’s very pretty, the keyboard is regular size and the keys are a very smooth silver…typing is a breeze.


* Intel Core 2 Duo T5250
* Built in Wireless
* DVD and CD Burner with lightscribe(burns labels on the disk)
* 250GB hard drive
* 2GB of DDR2 memory
* Built in webcam
* KW Network Ready
* Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher already installed(I think it’s the office pro package)
* Vista Operating System
* Extended 12 cell battery (it actualluy elevates the unit)
* Extended (I think 2 years)Full Warranty!!

I paid 1,271.97 not including Reppert Factor and installed programs. Make me an offer (a kind one please), so I can purchase another XP.

Thanks for your help…

Heather XXX-737-XXXX

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