WPP consultants being ordered to “stay put” and not show up

Tribble Agency – This is bad when you really think about it… Pirelli Group canceled their event… but only AFTER WPP shows up… so WPP is left paying the bills to their consultants… it shows multiple layers of failure… but a close insight on how WPP group plc runs their company. With their top notch consultants sending out Resumes and not knowing where the next check is coming from. It’s an absolute shame on several levels.

Below is a virtually unedited tip we received (name is removed)

Thanks for the support during this very difficult time.

Im not the only WPP consultant who received orders to remain put UNTIL FEBRUARY. No briefs, no £. Im presently on standby status, but sent out cv’s to different global headhunters waiting for outcome.

But listen to this:

Was in Milan in Publicis last week, and they too are laying off. Reason too I was there for the Pirelli Group yearly event.
PIRELLI canceled the event at the last minuite, after having reduced the original budget to 1/3, produced by EUOPHONE.
From what I heard they were afraid of repercussions of the 2000 employees (nonsense) that were recently laid off in the company.

The group ABBA were called in to sing at the event, they too were ordered to remain put, but the retainer fee is to be paid whatever the outcome.

A total mess…

A total Mess is an understatement…. this is a disaster.. and this is the future for the next several years…

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