Youtoo Can Benefit You Too

Youtoo Can Benefit You Too

Want to be on TV? Well, today, you no longer have to be an actor to appear on TV. With Youtoo Social TV, you can have your 15 seconds of spotlight. You can even be featured in your favorite TV shows.

What exactly is Youtoo Social TV? It is currently the only Social TV platform available in the market that allows viewers to become participants in a television program from practically any location. So even if you’re on the other side of the world, as long as you have Internet, you can record using Youtoo’s app and create a high-definition video file that’s ready to upload.

Youtoo already has mobile apps for iOS and Android where you can record 15 seconds of video, which you can then upload and share with the network. Not only this, but Youtoo recently launched something even better – a Facebook to TV app.

This is the first ever Facebook to TV app that allows Facebook users to create videos of themselves and upload them so they can air on national television. The app is called “Be on TV” and it basically lets any Facebook user have the chance to interact with their favorite TV show.

All you have to do it search for “Youtoo” on Facebook. When you find it, just download the “Be on TV” app. After you record a video using the app, it will be posted on your Facebook wall so you can share it with your friends, and then it will be subject to approval by Youtoo.

Once the video is approved for airing, you will receive a Facebook notification to let you know the date and time your video will air so you can inform your friends and audience about it.

As a small business owner, getting some exposure on national television can definitely be significant for your brand. You want to promote brand awareness, you want people to know that your business exists, and you want customers and clients to know what you can offer to them. If you can get some air time, this can definitely boost brand awareness and is a great way to spread the word about your products.

Another feature that Youtoo offers is the Social Stream and Social Shout. It’s like text messaging but done a million-fold, since you’re broadcasting your text message to the entire TV audience. This is yet another feature that you can utilize for word-of-mouth marketing, as you aim to spread brand awareness and promote your products and services.

As Youtoo continues to grow, they continue to push out features that can benefit both people and brands. For example, during January of this year, Youtoo gave away 30-second PeopleMercials. Anyone could submit a 30-second video recording that, once approved, was aired on national television. People could talk about themselves and their business, show off their skills, and so much more. As a small business owner, you could create a short video telling how you started your business and what it’s all about. If your video is chosen to be aired, then you’ll definitely have some huge exposure for your small business.

As Youtoo continues to roll out some exciting events and features, as a small business owner, it would be to your advantage to monitor what’s coming, in order to benefit the most from the site.

Since it launched, Youtoo has broadcasted more than 90,000 videos recorded by viewers on national TV, and it has really revolutionized the concept of social TV. With its launch of “Be on TV” for Facebook users, it has truly bridged the gap between network TV and social media, enabling people to use these two platforms in one sitting.

Though social media may currently be the most popular platform for brands in today’s market, national television continues to hold a significant number of the population in thrall. Many people continue to enjoy spending their time in front of the television, whiling the hours away watching TV series, movies, game shows, and so on.

With Youtoo, you can now get exposure for your small business brand for free! Yes, Youtoo is a completely free service, but it’s important that the videos you submit for approval meet the criteria and don’t violate any of the site’s policies.

Are you wondering if you can promote your brand on national television? Yes, you can, with Youtoo’s Social TV platform. The best part is, you even have the ability to combine your social media campaigns with your exposure on TV, using Youtoo’s “Be on TV” Facebook app. So don’t ignore this site, since it may very well help you market your small business brand and increase your revenue.

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