Google AdPlanner

What is Google AdPlanner? Some are calling it the ‘ad agency killer’.

This will be fully integrated into adwords, something that already looks like a death star to Ad Agencies.

Perhaps the best way for one to phrase it is that 1 creative individual can now do what a 300 man agency did in 2005… just upload your creative to Google Adwords.. find the right media suggestions using Google AdPlanner… make the purchases though Adwords and measure ROI using Google Analytics. Don’t believe us? check it out yourself.

Google AdPlanner should be called Google Agency… because in short that is what they just created.

Google AdPlanner is a new New Audience Measurement Initiative that will give advertisers a better way to measure their media audience and help measure ROI. (thanks to Jake) at B|Net / C|Net for leaking this to us.

Some agencies however are literally flipping out at this saying that the media planners position is being eliminated by a Google program, and honestly that’s the point. When WPP head Martin Sorrell went bonkers saying that Google is bypassing him and going directly to clients… he only understood part of the problem. He thought Google wanted to be an advertising agency… that isn’t the case… Google doesn’t want to be an advertising agency.. Google wants to remove them from the picture altogether.

Google is the car industry in the beginning of the auto revolution dominated by horse and buggy manufacturers. Initially the industry coined the new cars ‘horseless carriages’. It’s where we are today. Ad Agencies are trying to define Google by their definition of what an Agency is. The problem is that Google doesn’t share your opinion of what an agency is.. they want to redefine the entire concept.

Google’s latest initiative in internet audience measurement is far more robust than what is currently available using a single tool and should be a boon to internet marketers overall to measure results, mostly because it follows the users. Using metrics from their own search engine, Google Toolbar, data from Google Analytics, and a few third party sources. In short the chances are if you are online, Google knows where you went and who you visited. They can now take that data and know that Digg Users generally also like Engadget and to boot they even know about how many go from one of the sites to another.

Let’s say for example that you are marketing a product that advertising agencies use, and you have been putting money into Media Bistro’s Agency Spy. The tool would also suggest that resources be spent on Tribble Ad AgencyB|Net , George Parker’s Adscam and Madison Avenue. Google AdPlanner won’t stop at just a suggestion… it will give you approximate levels of traffic and other related information to help you (or agency) to see if the site makes sense to spend there. In short, this can, and might possibly eliminate a big part of media buyers jobs. As the program matures so will it’s spread to cover more than online. As it stands now you can use Google Adwords to buy Media Spots on TV and Print on top of online. AdPlanner is expected to expand into these media areas as well in a very short time frame. It is expected to be fully integrated into Google Adwords (like Google Analytics is) so from one page you have access to everything needed to run an effective campaign.

From Print, TV and Online media purchases to suggestions on where to purchase to tracking… from one screen…

We use Google almost exclusively for our media purchases, and the resources we have buying media is roughly equal to what we have seen with our partners… the difference? We need 1 person logged into Google Adwords to make the purchases… they have 30 people doing it via phone. In this new reality we are happy we choose the direction we did.. because we are way ahead of them with this new reality.


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