Venture Capital Firms expressing interest in bitcoin companies

Tribble Agency – Several of the larger players in the bitcoin world have noticed a serious uptick of venture capital firms requesting information regarding bitcoin related firms.

“we’ve had nearly 1/2 a dozen VC firms asking for information regarding our services in the past week alone” stated one of the owners of a bitcoin exchange.

The interest has increased dramatically as literally there are only a handful of players, most notable are Mt.Gox, Flexcoin, Tradhill and CampBX. All of them being exchanges other than Flexcoin which is more akin to a bitcoin bank and poses to potentially modify the way people send and receive bitcoins.

The bitcoin community has been under siege over the past several months due to security concerns as well as a stagnate value per coin. “The fact that bitcoins survived without any external assistance over the past month proves to us that the concept has staying power” noted a San Francisco based Venture Capital executive.

From what we are told, they are treating bitcoin firms not as just a new technology, but rather as a vehicle to move other currencies or investment vehicles across the internet. When asked to elaborate they declined other than to state “a bitcoin transfer doesn’t have be be bitcoins only”

What exactly are these people planning on building with these bitcoin companies?

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