Buffer App: Social Media Automation Tool

Buffer App: Social Media Automation Tool

Managing and maintaining a social media profile can be a handful, especially if you’re managing several social media accounts for a number of clients. You all ready know the importance of producing quality content and how time consuming it can become.

Posting your content to various social media platforms used to be a chore and take up way too much of your valuable time. If you’re still doing the bulk of these tasks manually, you won’t be for long. Say hello to your new best friend, “Buffer App”.

When it comes to sharing your new contextual masterpiece, or any valuable content you’ve read and would like to share, Buffer App takes care of the heavy lifting for you. The process is simple.

Simply add the url of the content you’d like to share to you “Buffer” or queue of content that you’d like to be released to your audience. You can share it instantly or have it be released based on the publishing schedule you’ve created from within your account.

The amount of time it can save you is obvious. No more logging in to each social media platform, uploading images, sharing urls, etc.. With Buffer, you can have all this taken care of for you at the push of a button, literally.

That’s right, with the Chrome browser extension, Buffer App can post any piece of content immediately to any or all of your social media accounts or it can schedule them to be posted later. It’s that simple.

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Scheduled Sharing

Buffer App: Social Media Automation Tool

If you like to share content often, the scheduling features of Buffer App are quite robust. You can set up multiple post times per day, and have the option to assign each day it’s own schedule. Meaning you can have Buffer App post five articles on Saturdays and two articles for every other day of the week. Or any combinations you’d like. This is key in sharing content with your audience on autopilot.

Tracking & Analytics

Buffer App also performs analytics on the content you share through the app. This makes it easy for you to find out what content is performing best across all of your social media platforms, in one place.

Having access to all this data in one place is handy for spotting trends in the content you’re sharing. You can determine which days and at what times your audience is most active and determine which topics are most popular.

If you haven’t tried Buffer App yet, it might be worth checking out.

Author by: Dylan Dunlop

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